4 Rules for Denture Care

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Dentures are great appliances that successfully replace your teeth and give you the smile you have been looking for. Whether you have a complete or partial denture, it’s recommended that you take great care of it, and we recommend doing so by doing the following things:

Brush your appliance daily
Just like brushing your teeth, it is extremely important to brush your dentures each day but without toothpaste. If you scrub your appliance with a soft-bristled toothbrush (one that is designed to clean dentures) and water, you are on the right track. Brushing each day will remove the plaque and food particles from the appliance, which will help prevent dental issues like gum disease.

Use the proper daily cleaner
There are many options available when it comes to the proper denture cleaner. You can simply use hand soap, mild dishwashing liquid, or you can use an ultrasonic cleaner that you can purchase at the store. These ultrasonic cleaners, however, do not replace your daily brushing. Please do not use household cleaners or abrasive toothpastes to clean the appliance.

Take care of the dentures
While you sleep or while you are not wearing the appliance, keep the dentures in a moist environment, like in a cup of denture cleaner or a cup of water. This will keep the denture dry and it will keep it from losing its shape. However, if your denture has metal attachments, it’s best to keep it in water rather than the denture cleaner. The denture cleaner will tarnish the metal.

Handle the appliance carefully
Dropping the dentures can easily damage the appliance, which is why we recommend standing on a folded towel or leaning over a sink full of water while you take the dentures out of your mouth and put them back in. This will help soften the blow if the appliance ever slips out of your hands.

These tips are extremely helpful and they are strongly recommended if you wish to have a strong, successful, and reliable appliance that will give you your perfect smile for years to come. Call our office today if you have any questions or if you would like to know more. We look forward to talking with you!