More than ever before, technology is playing an important role in your oral health. Whether it is a new electric toothbrush or an app on your phone that makes sure you brush for the recommended time, technology is improving your dental care. Dr. Stark and Dr. Norden know this and have integrated numerous advanced dental technologies into their office to offer an even higher quality of care for you.

Advanced dental technology has allowed Dr. Stark and Dr. Norden the ability to provide even more accurate and customized care. With the 3D imaging used at Derby Family Dentistry, our dentists are able to detect and treat oral issues even sooner than before. These in-depth scans give our dentists an overview of your entire mouth, which will allow them to see exactly how your teeth are sitting, where cavities are present, and a number of other useful bits of information. All of this is done in a shorter amount of time than traditional 2D images. Our dentists can then use any information they gather to plan your future treatments and provide detailed education for you on your dental health.

To learn more about how our dentists are using 3D imaging in Derby, Kansas, call or visit our office today.