In some cases, a cavity will go untreated. Over time, the cavity will spread and affect the entire tooth. The pulp of the tooth, which includes the nerves, can become infected and cause extreme pain and discomfort. At Derby Family Dentistry, we try not to let any dental issue get to this point, but if this type of damage occurs, our dentists will often recommend root canal therapy, which is a procedure to alleviate the pain and restore the tooth back to its normal function. This also saves the tooth from having to be removed, which may lead to additional dental problems.

After deciding that a root canal is needed, Dr. stark and Dr. Norden will make sure you understand each step of the process so you feel comfortable and confident with the procedure. During the first stage, the area is numbed and the diseased core of the tooth is removed. Then the canals of the tooth are hollowed out and replaced with specialized posts and dental filling that reestablish the structure of the tooth. The tooth is then sealed to prevent any further infection and shaped to maintain your normal bite and aesthetic.

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