Battle Halloween Tooth Decay With These Fun Tips

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Tooth decay is a real dental problem that damages your teeth and attacks your smile. With Halloween lurking around the corner and the countless treats ready to fill your child’s trick-or-treating bags, cavities are not far behind. As your child visits houses, picks their favorite treats, and stuffs their mouth with candy, the chance of developing tooth decay increases, but we are happy to tell you how to help your child battle tooth decay this Halloween night.

Brush the treats away
Make sure your child brushes their teeth after they have eaten one or more pieces of their Halloween candy. It is also important to have them floss. That way the candy that gets stuck between their teeth will be removed. To make things a little more fun, you can purchase a new soft-bristled toothbrush and you can put it in your child’s trick-or-treating bag before they walk out the door. This will remind them to brush their teeth as they search through their candy when the night is over.

Create a candy plan
There are times when your child can go a little overboard with the Halloween treats, which is why it is important to make a candy plan. There are many plans that can help, like hide the candy and slowly allow your child to eat it over time, set a limit on the number of houses your child visits, have your child use a smaller bag, or have your child trade their candy for a non-sugar reward. These plans will help you protect your child’s smile from tooth decay on Halloween night.

Offer a not-so-sweet reward
A candy swap is a great way to let your child enjoy the trick-or-treating fun without going overboard on the treats. The basic concept of the candy swap is that your child will swap their candy for a not-so-sweet reward, like a new toy or the ability to try a new activity they have been interested in. You can also extend the swap by trading small amounts of candy at a time.

For additional tips and tricks on preventing Halloween tooth decay, call our office now and talk to a member of our caring dental team. We are here for you and your child, and we are more than happy to help you maintain a strong and healthy smile all while enjoying your favorite treats and participating in your fun Halloween festivities!