Misaligned Smiles Can Often be Fixed By Braces

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While many kinds of braces exist, each of them operates on the same principles. The periodontal ligaments that anchor the teeth in their sockets are slowly loosened, allowing the braces to reposition and realign the teeth to where they should be.

Common orthodontic issues such as bad alignment or crowding teeth can often be corrected with braces. These issues sometimes happen because the adult teeth replacing the primary teeth come in at different times. If something, such as a childhood extraction, messes with the order of emergence, complications can happen.

Malocclusion, also called overbite or underbite, happens when the two jaws are misaligned. This can make it harder to chew and speak, but it can also affect the appearance of your face. It also has the potential to cause fractures and chips in your teeth.

The severity of the alignment issue will directly influence the number of adjustment sessions that your orthodontist, Drs. Frederick Stark and Brad Norden, will need to perform to achieve your ideal smile.

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