Relapse Needs to Be Prevented After Removing Traditional Braces

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A series of strong periodontal ligaments anchors each of your teeth in your gums and further helps bond them to the underlying bone tissues in your mouth. With certain individuals the tension of these connective tissues and the natural structure of the mouth can lead to alignment issues with their permanent teeth.

In many of these cases, our dentists might recommend traditional braces to gradually alter the periodontal ligaments and affect a change in the orientation of your teeth.

After the misaligned teeth have been effectively corrected Dr. Frederick Stark can uninstall the wires and other components before releasing the brackets from the faces of each tooth.

Even though the corrected teeth will feel solid in place, the latent tension in the periodontal ligaments could cause them to slowly relapse out of their new orientation. Fortunately, these complications can be prevented with the consistent use of a custom retainer.

Hawley retainers are popular for their comfort and durability. The unit will be created to match the unique contours of the roof of your mouth and the basic curve of your dentition. It will include some metallic components that help lock the unit and the upper teeth in place.

Some individuals will need a fixed retainer installed in a key location. The rigid metal wire is secured in place with a strong dental adhesive to help preserve the corrected position of teeth that were previously overcrowded or required significant adjustment.

If you are due to have your braces removed at Derby Family Dentistry in Derby, Kansas, and you have a question about retainers, you can always call 316-788-4000 to speak to a member of our staff. Dr. Frederick Stark and Dr. Brad Norden are here to help you with your oral care needs.