Root Canal Therapy Has Important Tooth-Saving Powers

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If you have heard in the past that root canal therapy is unpleasant and painful, we are glad for the opportunity to address these misconceptions. Root canal therapy has come a long way to become a fairly comfortable procedure that is much better than the pain of a damaged or infected tooth. We shed further light on how root canal therapy improves these harmful tooth conditions to preserve your natural smile:

– Tooth decay: Severe tooth sensitivity, dental pain and swollen gums can be symptoms of tooth decay and a damaged tooth center. At this point, root canal therapy may be the only treatment that can restore the tooth so that an untreated cavity doesn’t require it to be removed.

– Tooth infection: Untreated tooth decay resulting in infection can also compromise the tooth center, causing you dental pain and swollen gums and severe dental pain. However, if the tooth root has died, you may not notice any pain, allowing the situation to become severe unless detected during a dental checkup. In this case, we may need to perform root canal therapy to restore the tooth structure that has been lost.

– Dental trauma: If your tooth color changes after a bad accident, it may be a sign that the damage has reached the inner tooth structure, and it’s important to schedule an appointment with one of our dentistss to discuss the possibility of root canal therapy.

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