Upgrade Your Smile with Dental Crowns

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Numerous tooth restorations exist for any dental damage that may arise with your smile. Depending upon your oral health care needs and treatments available to you, a form of dentistry exists to return and restore your smile. However, some treatments are more effective depending on the amount of damage you may have. If you wish to dramatically enhance the look of a tooth and provide future protection, a dental crown is a highly effective treatment to consider.

If you wish to restore damaged or broken teeth, dental crowns are an extremely effective option. Dental crowns are cemented into place by capping or concealing teeth on all sides. Not only will they dramatically improve the look of a tooth, but they will add an extra layer of protection as well. Additionally, dental crowns can last anywhere from two decades up to a lifetime of use.

If you ever have teeth that are broken or shattered, it may be possible to have them bound together once more with a dental crown. In addition, dental crowns are highly effective for holding together tooth fillings and teeth in situations where none of the teeth remains. In addition, dental crowns are often used when dental damage is so severe that no other restoration will be able to effectively restore the tooth.

Because dental crowns are so effective for fixing teeth, they can be used in multiple situations. They’re also extremely helpful for holding previous tooth restorations in place. This includes for holding dental bridges, dental implants, and even root canals. Furthermore, dental crowns are safe enough for children to use especially ones that are at an increased risk for tooth decay.

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