Visit Your Dentist About Dental Bridges

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If you would like to enhance your smile, numerous options exist to not only improve the look of your smile but also to restore any lost functions or hindrances that may have arisen. Specifically, if you have any missing or lost teeth, it is important to have them replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, numerous ailments can set in, including an increased risk of plaque buildup and tooth slippage. A highly effective replacement to consider is a dental bridge.

If you have any lost or missing teeth, it can severely hinder your oral health. Not only can it lead to a rise in tooth decay due to bacteria and plaque buildup in the spaces left behind, but it can weaken and deteriorate your jawbone as well. If this happens, your gums will be destabilized, and other healthy teeth will move out of position. Thus, a tooth replacement such as dental bridges will be needed to keep your smile in good condition.

Dental bridges are extremely effective for improving the look of your smile. Not only can they approve the aesthetics of your smile, but they can prove its functions too. If for any reasons you have had hindrances due to lost or missing teeth, you may have suffered from a speech impediment, or if your ability to chew and eat food is difficult, it’s time to think about restorations. Dental bridges can help restore these lost functions.

One common issue associated with missing or lost teeth is bite stability.  When any missing teeth are present, it can cause bite forces to be distributed unevenly throughout your mouth. Not only can this cause other natural and healthy teeth the move out of position, but it can also lead to numerous other issues involved in chewing and eating food. Dental bridges can help repair these functions and restore bite stability.

Achieve a better smile with optimum oral health care success courtesy of dental bridge replacements. If you would like to set up dental bridge replacements at Derby Family Dentistry, you are welcome to call our dentist office in Derby, Kansas, at our number 316-788-4000. Drs. Frederick Stark and Brad Norden look forward to upgrading your smile.