What Do I Do If My Crown Comes Off?

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There are a number of things that can cause a crown to come loose from the abutment that anchors it into your mouth. The cause of the failure will determine on the treatment or replacement options your dentist will recommend.

Contact your dentist as soon as possible for fast resolution. Do not attempt to clean, brush or floss the crown or abutment. Your dentist can determine what course of action is best.

Advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, can cause your gum tissue to recede. When this happens, bacteria can sometimes gain access to the edge of the root where the crown meets the abutment, causing the cement itself to fail. Look in your mouth and check the abutment that anchored the crown. If the crown fell out because the cement failed, you should see a small nub of tooth poking out from your gums. If the crown was anchored to a dental implant, the object poking out of your gums would look like a small piece of metal. The crown itself should also appear to be hollow.

So, as long as there is no decay in the abutment, your dentist can usually cement the crown back into place with a simple procedure.

If the abutment is fractured at or near the gum line and you can see some of it inside the crown, your dentist might not be able to cement it back into place. In cases like these, your dentist can advise you on the next course of action.

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