Your Teeth: How Age Can Affect Your Teeth

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You probably know that you’ll need to brush and floss your teeth if you’re interested in keeping your pearly whites healthy. Still, have you heard that your pearly whites might weaken as you get older? Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to enjoy good oral health as you get older.

Again, brushing and flossing are very important. In reality, you should be brushing your smile for two minutes twice every day. It’s also important that you floss on a daily basis as well. If you don’t clean your smile as well as you should, you may be leaving yourself more vulnerable to dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Still, several other issues could weaken your oral health. For instance, chewing on inedible objects, such as pens, pencils, or ice, could harm your teeth and leave you even more susceptible to gum disease.

It’s also vital that you stay hydrated. Again, if your mouth isn’t hydrated enough, you could ultimately have to cope with these different issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Unfortunately, your body won’t retain water as well when you age. Moreover, when you get older, you could take more medications—which can also cause dehydration.

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