Oral Hygiene: Tips on How to Properly Floss Your “Fangs”

Your dentist, Dr. , and our dental team care about you and your smile, which is why we strongly encourage you to keep up on oral hygiene. This is especially important as Halloween approaches. With all of the candies and sweet treats available, there is a chance your smile could suffer. However, we understand that… Read more »

Misaligned Smiles Can Often be Fixed By Braces

While many kinds of braces exist, each of them operates on the same principles. The periodontal ligaments that anchor the teeth in their sockets are slowly loosened, allowing the braces to reposition and realign the teeth to where they should be. Common orthodontic issues such as bad alignment or crowding teeth can often be corrected… Read more »

Treating a Cracked Tooth

Even though your tooth enamel is harder than your bones, there are still times when an accidental fall or a blow to the face can crack a tooth. When this happens, the trauma and damage associated with it are often severe and it requires immediate treatment. If the crack is minor, Drs. might be able… Read more »

Things to Consider About Ceramic Braces

After careful consideration and examination, Dr. might recommend that your son or daughter be fitted with braces to address any number of alignment issues with their teeth. While all braces work on the same principle of using progressive tension and adjustment to reorient the teeth, there are a few cosmetic considerations to keep in mind…. Read more »

Understanding Your Options for Whitening Your Smile

A smile that has been stained by dark foods and beverages, tobacco use or the general passage of time, can leave you feeling self-conscious. Many people in a situation like this will turn to ’s team of dentists to help understand their options for regaining or maintaining a white smile. Brushing your teeth with a… Read more »

A Few Special Tips to Help Clean and Maintain Your New Braces

The braces installed by our team represents a serious investment in realigning your teeth to give you the winning smile that will last for years to come. It’s very important that you clean and maintain your braces with a diligent daily oral hygiene routine. If you develop cavities on one or more teeth, it could… Read more »

What Braces Can Fix

Braces have been a popular treatment for children and teenagers for many, many years. In recent years, the use of braces in adults has been growing. There are many reasons why braces in , , can help not just children, but adults. There are many reasons why Dr. Reilender and Dr. Norden may recommend braces… Read more »

The Retainer That Is Right for You

Now that the braces installed by Dr. have successfully adjusted your teeth to their ideal alignment, they can be removed. Even after your braces have been removed a retention phase is required to make sure your teeth will stay in their ideal alignment for a lifetime. Even in your new alignment there will still be… Read more »

Replace a Tooth Suffering From Advanced Tooth Decay With a Bridge

If one of your teeth has lost a large filling or developed advanced tooth decay, it can seriously compromise the interior of the tooth. In some cases, the decay might be so pronounced that it simply can’t be repaired by a filling or a crown. In a situation like this the dentists at might recommend… Read more »

Braces and Your Oral Health

Do you have less-than-straight teeth but are putting off braces because a straighter smile doesn’t seem worth the effort? Well, you should know that braces do more than make your smile more aesthetically appealing. Braces improve your oral health, too. When permanent teeth erupt, they sometimes become too crowded or spaced widely apart, resulting in… Read more »