The Retainer That Is Right for You

Now that the braces installed by Dr. Frederick Stark and Brad Norden have successfully adjusted your teeth to their ideal alignment, they can be removed. Even after your braces have been removed a retention phase is required to make sure your teeth will stay in their ideal alignment for a lifetime. Even in your new alignment there will still be... read more »

Replace a Tooth Suffering From Advanced Tooth Decay With a Bridge

If one of your teeth has lost a large filling or developed advanced tooth decay, it can seriously compromise the interior of the tooth. In some cases, the decay might be so pronounced that it simply can’t be repaired by a filling or a crown. In a situation like this the dentists at Derby Family Dentistry might recommend that the... read more »

Braces and Your Oral Health

Do you have less-than-straight teeth but are putting off braces because a straighter smile doesn’t seem worth the effort? Well, you should know that braces do more than make your smile more aesthetically appealing. Braces improve your oral health, too. When permanent teeth erupt, they sometimes become too crowded or spaced widely apart, resulting in a crooked (even overlapping) formation.... read more »

Retainer Care Tips

If you want to maintain a straight and beautiful smile for a lifetime, it’s best that you wear your retainer on a regular basis. Retainers are reliable appliances that can keep your teeth in the best and straightest condition possible. This is beneficial because your teeth constantly move each day, even if you don’t realize it. So, if you want... read more »

The Helpful Items to Keep in Your Ortho Handbag

As you align your smile with braces, there are times that might be a bit troubling. However, one thing that can help you during those times is an orthodontic handbag! In this handbag, our Derby Family Dentistry team recommends having the following items: · Orthodontic wax: Orthodontic wax is extremely helpful because, oftentimes, your braces will poke and bother you.... read more »

A Loose Crown Requires Immediate Attention

While your new crown is designed to be very durable, and last for many years, there are still a few things that can cause it to come loose. A fall, blow to the face or chronic gum disease can all cause your crown to come loose from the abutment. Even though the crown remains in place it might wiggle or... read more »

How To Help Your Child Prevent Dental Issues

As your child grows into the strong, healthy, and beautiful smile they deserve, the best thing you can do is help them prevent dental issues. But how do you do that? Well, we are thrilled to help you! If you do the following three things, your child will have the best chance at having a strong and successful oral health:... read more »

5 Foods to Help Avoid Tooth Decay

Many people struggle with oral health. With so much foods lurking around every turn, it’s easy to get pick up bad oral habits. However, there are five foods to avoid to help you maintain positive oral health. Using these five tips of food to avoid with your daily oral habits, can help you and your smile stay beautiful and healthy.... read more »

Got Braces? Here’s How to Save Your Gums During Treatment

Gum disease is a real dental problem that ruins the smiles of many. It is dangerous and painful and it can result in the loss of your teeth if it remains untreated. This disease generally forms when the plaque on your teeth continues to grow and develop, taking over your smile. If you have braces, your chances of developing this... read more »

Cleaning Your Removable Retainer

Just like your braces, your removable retainer represents a serious investment in realigning your teeth and improving the overall function of your mouth. Wearing your retainer during the prescribed times and keep it properly cleaned are both essential to maintaining the new alignment of your teeth. You should always keep your retainer in its case, when you are not wearing... read more »